Emergency Dentist Appointments In Trinity, FL

Are you suffering from tooth pain? Have you experienced an accident that has resulted in a chipped or knocked-out tooth? If so, A Glamorous Smile is here for you! We regularly schedule emergency dentist appointments designed to help you get relief - fast!

dental hygienist walking patient to her emergency dental appointment at A Glamorous SmileWe offer the very best emergency dentistry near Trinity and New Port Richey because our services are built with comfort and efficiency in mind. Our friendly dental experts will use only the most gentle techniques to treat your pain.

A Glamorous Smile provides urgent dental care for the following conditions at our Trinity dental office:

Knocked-Out Tooth

Knocked-out teeth are more than just cosmetic issues! In fact, if a knocked-out tooth isn't treated soon after the accident happens, it could result in a dangerous infection that could compromise the rest of the body. If your tooth gets knocked out, do your best to keep the lost tooth safe, and give us a call immediately to get your appointment scheduled.

Broken Tooth

Similar to knocked-out teeth, broken teeth can run the risk of causing dangerous systemic infections. If your tooth breaks, preserve the rest of the natural tooth and call A Glamorous Smile right away for an urgent dental care appointment and further instructions.

Broken Dental Restorations

All dental restorations, such as fillings and crowns, have a lifespan; they may break due to age or be injured by cracks due to crunchy foods or an oral injury. If one of your restorations breaks or comes loose, it's time to see Dr. Annicchiarico for an appointment. Don't wait, as an unprotected tooth could require an emergency root canal if left untreated. Once in the dental chair, he will examine the tooth to determine which restoration could serve as a good replacement.

Dental Abscess

Dental abscesses are potentially dangerous infections that manifest themselves in the gums. If you notice an abscessed spot, or if you are afraid an abscess may be forming, our team will provide you with the swift, gentle care you deserve. Our Trinity emergency dentist will complete x-rays to determine the underlying cause of the abscess and build a care plan that's designed with your health in mind.

Tooth Pain

A Glamorous Smile scheduling a same-day emergency dentist appointment for a patientTooth pain is a general term for a long list of potentially serious dental conditions. If your tooth pain is persistent (lasted longer than a day or two), or if your tooth sensitivity has recently increased, you may be in need of some expert care.

Our team will work to determine the root cause before developing a treatment plan that fits your needs and schedule.

Urgent Dental Care In Trinity, FL

If you have experienced an oral accident resulting in a tooth being knocked loose, a filling being damaged or a tooth being fractured, call Dr. Annicchiarico immediately to schedule an emergency dentist appointment!

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