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Crowns & Bridgework

Dental Crowns & Bridgework

Damaged or missing teeth are not good for oral health. They not only affect your overall appearance but lead to further dental damage in the long run. However, the Newport Richey Dentist at our clinic can provide a solution for these dental issues with the help of crowns and bridgework.

When is a dental crown required?

The Newport Richey Dentist recommends dental crown treatment when you have misshapen, weak or broken teeth. A crown is also placed in order to cover a dental implant or support a dental bridge. In case a tooth is severely damaged and has a large filling, the crown covers and supports the tooth. The dental crown covers the whole visible tooth surface till the gum line. It acts like a cast which helps in solving malocclusion and prevents abscessing as well as re-cracking.

Procedure for Crowning a Tooth

Crowning of a tooth is a part of cosmetic dentistry. The crown is generally made with porcelain but for aesthetic purposes, you can opt for cast gold or porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM). Crowning of a tooth requires at least two to three sessions at the clinic.

When you first visit our clinic, the dentist examines the tooth and prepares it for the placement of the new crown. The tooth is filed after numbing with the help of a drill to make a place for the crown. If most of the tooth enamel is missing, the tooth surface is built to support the crown.

After reshaping, the dentist takes an impression of the tooth and sends it to the laboratory for making the crown. Till the crown is ready, a temporary crown made of acrylic is placed on the tooth. In the second session, the permanent crown is cemented in position after numbing the tooth area. The number of sessions increases if root canal procedure needs to be done before crowning.

Creation of a Bridge

When you have missing teeth, more than one crown is required to create a natural-looking replacement. A crown is created for the missing tooth as well as the teeth on either side of the gap. These two teeth are referred to as abutment teeth and the missing one is called pontic. The three crowns create a bridge-like structure. If the number of missing teeth is higher, more crowns are required.

Oral care for Crowns and Bridgework

The dentist practicing cosmetic dentistry at our clinic advises brushing and flossing regularly to prevent plaque formation. It is advisable to go for professional cleaning once in a while. You should avoid biting hard with the teeth or grinding it to ensure the longevity of the treatment.

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